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Services & Departments


Tudor and Cashel's Administration Department is responsible for all of the Townships' financial matters.  These include accounting, budgeting and reporting, record keeping, direct support to all other Departments and to the Township Council.   The implementation of policies and directives from Township Council and the Chief Administrative Officer are also provided through the Administration Department.

Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk/Treasurer

The Clerk's Department is the corporate office for the Tudor and Cashel Township and the holder of the corporate seal.  All official corporate business is processed through this Department.

The Clerk is the keeper of Council's Corporate business records and documents as well as all minutes, record books, deeds, bonds (performance or other), contracts and archival records of the municipal corporation, and provide public access to government records for both inspection and duplication.

Bernice Crocker, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 613 474-2583

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Clerk/Treasure/Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for providing administrative and clerical services.

Some of the duties of the Administrative Assistant are to:

  • Provide administrative assistance to Council, Committees, C.A.O./Clerk and Department Heads
  • Provide receptionist duties 
  • Process outgoing and incoming mail, photocopying and counter duties
  • Prepare documents and reports on the computer
  • Schedule Committee  meetings
  • Prepare agendas for Committee meetings
  • Complete all data entries to the Ontario Municipal Accounting System, including tax payments, receipts and reports
  • Deliver all bank deposits and associated paperwork
  • Fulfill all statutory duties of Deputy Clerk.  Execute the full powers and duties of the position, in the absence of the Clerk


Nancy Carrol, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 613 474-2583

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