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Council Information

The Council for the Township of Tudor and Cashel is comprised of the Reeve, Deputy Reeve and three Councillors representing the residents and property owners of Tudor and Cashel Township. 

The role of Council is to represent the public and to consider the well-being and best interests of the Municipality as a whole, for the long term. 

Council is responsible for developing and evaluating policies and programs for the municipality; evaluating the services which the Municipality provides; and ensuring the maintainance of the financial integrity of the municipality.

Councillors are governors, not managers. They have no involvement in day-to-day operations and don't direct staff. They do, however, make decisions at Council meetings that provide direction to staff through the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), who is the manager of the corporation. Council ensures the administrative policies, practices and procedures of the corporation provide for accountability and transparency.

Councillors make decisons as a group in scheduled, public Council meetings. While the Reeve has additional duties under the Municipal Act, provides leadership, and acts as the Chair of Council meetings, he or she has only one of the votes at the Council table.

The Reeve and Deputy Reeve are elected by voters across the entire municipality.

Members of Council are appointed to various committees and boards in Tudor and Cashel Township. The Reeve is Tudor and Cashels' representatives on Hastings County Council and are appointed to committees and boards at that table.

Councillors liaise with community members on a regular basis. Feel free to reach out to your Councillors any time.


Wanda Donaldson, Reeve

I have lived in this area for well over 50 years, and have been involved with the Township and on Council for 25  years.

I am Chairperson for the Tudor and Cashel Library, Recreation Board, Cemetery Board and a member of C.P.A.C. board.

I represent the Township of Tudor and Cashel at all County Council meetings and am a member of several of the County Committees.

I have been, and will continue to be committed to the overall livelihood of this township and work diligently with the County and our local committees to create a sustainable community for all.


613 473-4806

Boyde Walker, Deputy Reeve

I moved from Queensboro to the Township of Tudor and Cashel to work in 1954. In 1968 I bought property and have been in the area since that time.

I worked in the logging business in and around the area for approximately 20 years. I then worked one year on the Roads Department under the supervision of Clayton MacKenzie.

I took a one year hiatus in Oshawa working in the cabling business and upon my return to the Township took on the position of Roads Superintendant for the next 18 years, retiring in 2000.

I did a six month stint on Council in 2006, and am in my second term as Deputy Reeve. I am fully committed to working with the Roads Committee, the Bancroft & Area Community Policing Advisory Committee and our local Euchre Committee to improve our townships infrastructure, policing and social activities.


613 474-5420

Libby Clarke, Councillor

The mission statement for the township of Tudor and Cashel states; "Our commitment to you is to deliver the highest level of municpal services possible, while controlling overall cost."

As your councillor in the township of Tudor and Cashel, I will ensure the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole are always considered and to bring to council's attention anything that would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality.  I will take part in developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the Municipality, as well as participating in council meetings and council committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which I am appointed by council.

Currently I am the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Central Hastings Family Health Team.  I am also a board member a large for the North Hastings Economic Development Committee.  I am a committee member of the North Hastings Inspection Services as well as a current member of the Sustainability Committee for Tudor and Cashel as well as a member of the local Euchre Committee.

Thirty-three years of being an educator with the Toronto District School Board prepared me for my continuing role in helping people get things done.  I continue to be a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.  My areas of expertise include human relations, policies and procedures as well as collaboration.  I am also currently registered with the Quinte Real Estate Board as a real estate sales representative.

I will strive to uphold the mission statement of the township of Tudor and Cashel on your behalf. 



613 334-0620 (Cell)

Irene Martin, Councillor

I am pleased to represent the residents of Tudor and Cashel for a second term.  The past four years have had their challenges, but I look forward to continuing the work on improvements toward an accessible and sustainable community.  I am more aware of our limitations this time around, but look at this as an opportunity to rise to the the challenge and find a way to accomplish what needs to be.

I am thrilled that the Health and Wellness Grant from the Ontario Government helped us set many programs in motion; there is a significant continuation taking place with the support of our sustainability committee.

Tudor and Cashel is a great place to live.



613 474-2014

Noreen Reilly, Councillor

I arrived in Tudor and Cashel after an arduous search for a getaway that was both quiet and beautiful. 

The more time I spent here, the harder it was to return to the city.  When opportunity knocked, 25 years ago, I made it my home.

I have travelled to 12 countries around the world and numerous destinations across Canada and the United States for work and for pleasure.  Having exposure to cultural and economic diversity, I can look at issues through different perspectives. 

I promise a high level of personal integrity and accountability in how I deliver on the responsiblities I have been trusted with.






Comfort Country
North Hastings