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Fish Stocking Lists

Attached are the current Fish Stocking Lists covering the Bancroft District MNRF area.

Bancroft Mazinaw Fish Stocking List 2014-2017

Minden Fish Stocking List 2013-2017

A digital copy of the Bancroft Mazinaw version is also posted on the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council website at (link on the homepage).


Please note that anglers are encouraged to consult the provincial 2018 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary for information on fishing licences and laws, and to report angling information (even unsuccessful fishing days) to the local MNRF office.




In 2014 an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan was developed due to legislation brought about by the Province of Ontario.  This plan breaks down the potential benefits and payback for a variety of different changes that the Township could make to improve their energy conservation.  It also directs attention to the largest culprits for energy waste within our Township so that we can make informed decisions about where to invest to have the greatest impact. The 2014 report can be veiwed in the link below;

To view the plan click here.

In 2019 an updated report has been prepared for the Township of Tudor and Cashel (Tudor & Cashel) as per obligations from Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.)507/18, under the Electricity Act, and is the second iteration of this plan for Tudor & Cashel. This regulation requires municipalities and other identified sectors, to report to the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (MOENDM) the energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions (E&GHG) of their facilities and provide an updated CDM by July 1, 2019.
The updated CDM expands on the initial one prepared in 2014(provided in te link above), and involves a progress review and summary of projects undertaken, as well as planning for the next five years with the following general requirements:
• a review of all facilities which the regulation applies to;
• a review of the original CDM, pursuant actions, and other related projects;
• summarizing and analyzing annual trends of energy usage as reported under the regulation;
• identification of opportunities for energy improvement measures and projects;
• forecasting what the expected results will be based on the proposed measures for 5 years; and,
• detailed descriptions of all renewable energy and heat pump technology systems in place.
Highland Technical has been retained by Tudor & Cashel to complete the updated CDM, it is the intention
for this report to go beyond the reporting requirement, and be a useful tool supporting energy management objectives of facilities within the asset management framework of Tudor & Cashel. This report fits within the framework of asset management, and commitments by Tudor & Cashel to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, where the focus of this study is energy utilized and associated greenhouse gas emissions, it supports physical condition reviews of facilities, and planning for green building systems and materials. To view the updated CDM click the link below;

2019 Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Comfort Country
North Hastings