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Frequently Asked Questions

Tudor and Cashel has put in place a complaints policy to ensure that those that need a voice have a forum to have it heard. Fill in the form attached to the policy and mail, drop off to the Municipal office. If electronic mail is more suited to your life style send an email following the same criteria as the form to or  Tudor and Cashel Complaints Policy

The overall residential tax rate for 2016 in Tudor and Cashel is 0.01169489. To use this to calculate the taxes on a property multiply the tax rate by the assessed value of the property.  This will give you the overall taxes for the year.  Also the interim bill that comes out in March, will be 50% of the overall taxes for the previous year.

When is the waste site open?
The waste site hours are posted on the Waste Management Page (Click Here)

What is the Zoning of my property?

To check the zoning of your property you will need to know wether it is in Tudor or Cashel and the legal description of the property (meaning Lot and Concession)Click on the PDF that applies to check you zoning.

Tudor Area Map or Cashel Area Map

Do I need a building permit?
It's always best to check to see if you require a building permit for your project, please check the building permit page for more information (more)

When can I see the building official?
The building official is available Monday 1-3 pm, Wednesday 8-10 am, Thursday 1-3 pm (read more)

What are the Fees for Building Permits?(click here)

What materials are acceptable or unacceptable at our waste sites?  (click here)

What are the fees for the waste disposal sites in Tudor and Cashel Township?  (click here

What are the regulations on open air fires in Tudor and Cashel?  (click here)

What are the Houseshold Hazardous Waste days for this area and where?

Saturday May 16th; June 13th; July 4th; Aug. 8th; & Sept. 25th; 2015 from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.      At the Township of Faraday Public Works Yard: 29860A-B, HWY 28th South, Bancroft

There will also be a depot day Saturday: July 11th & Sept. 19th, 2015 from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. at the Madoc Village Works Garage: 26 Seymour St., Madoc and Saturday, Oct. 31st Madoc Township Works Garage at 15651, HWY 62, Madoc

What are the rules and regulations with regards to all terain vehicles in the Township? (cick here)

Where do I get an application for the purchase of my shoreline road allowance? 

The application is in the Procedure for the Sale of Road Allowance By-Law # 2012-13

How do I contact the Animal Control Officer?

Animal Control Officer; Gerald Hawkins 613-473-5032

How can I voice my complaints to the Municipality?

To formally place a complaint the Municipality has passed a By-Law that guides the process.

By-Law #2013-13

Does the Municipality have a plan to maintain the sustainability of its infrastructure?

The Township of Tudor and Cashel remains focused on the issue of sustainability.  The Council of Tudor and Cashel realize that to remain sustainable, they need to have a plan for the management of their assets and infrastructure.  An asset management plan has been developed to help guide council and staff to make decisions on which projects should be prioritized for which years.

Asset Management Plan 2015

Capital Project Spreadsheet

Which Lakes in the area have been stocked by the MNRF?

Attached are the current Fish Stocking Lists covering the Bancroft District MNRF area.

Bancroft Mazinaw Fish Stocking List 2014-2017

Minden Fish Stocking List 2013-2017

A digital copy of the Bancroft Mazinaw version is also posted on the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council website at (link on the homepage).

Please note that anglers are encouraged to consult the provincial 2018 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary for information on fishing licences and laws, and to report angling information (even unsuccessful fishing days) to the local MNRF office.

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