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Municipal Co-Operation Aims to Improve Safety and Well-being in North Hastings

Monday, June 17, 2019
Bancroft - In a unique show of collaboration, seven north Hastings County municipalities have embarked on a project that aims to improve quality of life in the region. Successive provincial governments have given Ontario municipalities a deadline of January, 2021, to create a community safety and well-being plan. In North Hastings, rather than going it alone, councils from Bancroft, Hastings Highlands, Wollaston, Limerick, Faraday, Carlow/Mayo, and Tudor and Cashel adopted a collaborative approach that is fairly unique among over 400 Ontario municipalities.

Representatives of 30 organizations which serve all of north Hastings provided their perspectives on health and safety issues faced by people throughout the region. This information will help the project identify ways that the whole community can work together to improve safety and well-being for everyone. A final plan, to be submitted to the province’s Solicitor General, will detail changes in public policy, social programs and resources, and community awareness, interests and activities that can improve public safety, health and well-being, while reducing crime, disorder and social isolation in the area. In the face of rising costs of emergency response, heavy social agency caseloads, and escalating calls for remedial assistance in housing, mental health and child safety, municipal leaders hope that a new approach will make good social and economic sense.
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