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The annual budget process for the Township of Tudor and Cashel begins toward the end of a calendar year. Each Department Head reviews his or her year’s work and prioritizes projects and programs for the upcoming year. Costing is done for the various projects and programs and that information is supplied to the Treasurer. The Treasurer in turn completes a lengthy document that clearly outlines the Revenues and Expenditures of each department.

Each member of Council reviews his or her copy of the proposed budget then each Department Head presents to council his or her department’s plans for the upcoming year. Council takes the time to go through each department budget line by line to review, ask questions and justify expenditures. The Township utilizes 5 year plans for equipment and roads, etc. and maintains Reserves for planned future expenditures.

All council meetings, including budget meetings are open to the public. Notices for these meetings are posted on the Township website and advertised in local newspapers.

The Township’s budget is a public document and you may view or receive a copy of it by contacting the Treasurer.

Year End Financial Statements



The Tax Rates are calculated in conjunction with the annual budget process. Taxes are billed twice a year. You will receive your Tax Notice by mail.

The Township of Tudor and Cashel makes every effort to stay accountable for the rates that they set. Here is a the townships Municipal Tax Rate and where they stand is relation to the other municipalities with in Hastings County. click here

You may pay your taxes in person, or through online banking.

Questions about your property taxes or any taxation issue should be directed to the Tax Department.

Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP)

The Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) is a program whereby all Ontario municipalities would measure their performance in various core service areas and report on their performance to the taxpayers.

Performance measurement is a tool that may be used to assess how well an organization performs in the provision of goods and services. Performance measurement:

  • creates measures or indicators of the efficiency and effectiveness of public services;
  • produces information that municipalities can use to make decisions to improve local services;
  • strengthens municipal accountability to taxpayers;
  • monitors ongoing performance to assist in planning for the future of communities;
  • evaluates past performance and allows municipalities to share best practices

Comparison of raw MPMP data to other municipalities also may lead to inaccurate conclusions, unless the following differences are taken into account:

  • geographic size and location of the municipality;
  • varying service levels;
  • differences in the method of service delivery;
  • unique factors in each municipality which impact service delivery or cost; and
  • differences in accounting and cost allocation methods between municipalities i.e. allocation of general government program support costs

Asset Management Plan

The Township of Tudor and Cashel remains focused on the issue of sustainability.  The Council of Tudor and Cashel realize that to remain sustainable, they need to have a plan for the management of their assets and infrastructure.  An asset management plan has been developed to help guide council and staff to make decisions on which projects should be prioritized for which years.

To view the 2015 Asset Managment Plan click here

To view the Detailed list of Capital Projects click here


Tudor and Cashel Township 2017 Financials

The municipalities Auditors prepared this slide presentation. SLIDE DECK

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