Welcome to Tudor & Cashel Township

Welcome Spring!

Vote 2022

2022 Election

The Township of Tudor and Cashel’s 2022 Municipal and School Board Election will be held by internet and telephone and will open October 11 through to Election Day on Monday, October 24, 2022.
Fire Rating

Fire Rating - No Day Burning

Please visit our Emergency Services page to find details on each area that are monitored. We monitor South of Jordan Lake and North of Jordan lake.


Thank You for your patience the Township emails are going through again. If you had sent an email earlier and did not receive a response please resend.


There are two depots in our area to drop off brush and logs. Any logs dropped must have the butt ends all the same direction.

89 Limerick Lake Road at the Municipal Yard – there are two piles available for drop off.

Highway 62 Signs posted the site is located approx. 4 km north of West Road or 5 km south of South Jordan Lake Road on the West side of the Highway – There is signage for where to drop brush and logs.