Emergency Services

Emergency Services


The Township of Tudor and Cashel is serviced by both the Limerick and Madoc Township Fire Departments.  In case of an emergency please dial 9-1-1.  They will notify the departments on your behalf.

Public Notice:  As of April 1,  to October 31, the Open Air Burning Season is in effect.  Burning is only allowed 7pm – 7am during this time.  Day Burning is not allowed and no permits are issued in the municipality of Tudor and Cashel.  Please watch what and where you burn. 

It is important that residents keep in mind that they have a responsibility to ensure that their homes and cottages are equipped with the proper devices to ensure that they are alerted if an issue arises.  It is law that homes have smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors outside of all sleeping quarters.  For information about Carbon Dioxide detectors and Smoke Alarms please visit the Office of the Fire Marshal Website.

  • Policing Services

    The Township of Tudor and Cashel is serviced by both Bancroft and Madoc OPP.  In an emergency please contact 9-1-1.

  • Ambulance Services

    In an emergency contact 9-1-1.

  • Emergency Management

    There have been efforts made to ensure that in the event of an emergency a plan of action has been established.  The plan is the 2018-26 – EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN – JUNE 2018 Municipality of Tudor and Cashel Municipal Emergency Response Plan. The aim of this plan is to ensure that arrangements and measures that may need to be taken to protect the health, safety, welfare, environment and economic health of residents, business and visitors of the Municipality of Tudor and Cashel when faced with an emergency.

    Training is conducted annually to ensure that those that are involved know their role, in the case of an emergency.   It is important that each household is prepared in the case of an emergency for 72 hours.  You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours. Here’s how.

    Here are a number of resources that will help you and your family be prepared in the event of an emergency. Please see a list of resources below.

    More Information can be found at The Be Prepared Ontario Site

    Hastings County creates an annual emergency preparedness guide. The guide includes information on how to access and recognize risks, plan for emergencies and create kits to be better prepared when faced with an emergency situation. Hastings County Emergency Preparedness Guide 2022

  • Power Outages

    Please contact Hydro One for updated information with regard to restoration of service.  For more information on power outages click the following Link.  HYDRO ONE

    Telephone #: 1-800-434-1235




Message from the Mayor;


The Township of Tudor and Cashel has declared a state of emergency following the devastating weekend storm.  The after effects of the storm is causing extreme pressure on our roads crew.  Hydro One continues to work to restore power to all of our residents.  A huge thank you goes out to all the Community Members who joined together to help each other.  As they say, “it takes a village”, so heart-warming to hear how everyone pitched in and helped one another to get things cleaned up.


Mayor Clarke

  • Water and Internet Access

    The Community Centre located at 371 Weslemkoon Lake Road will be open between 9am – 4pm for those wishing to access WiFi Username “Library WiFi” – library1 is the password or to charge your devices.

    There is also a water tap available on the East side of the building that is available 24/7.

  • Brush Removal

    At this time we are asking that residents DO NOT bring brush to the waste site, we appreciate that you want to clean your properties up however the waste site cannot handle the vast amounts at this time.

    Brush can be dropped off at Limerick Township  – 89 Limerick Lake Rd.  There is also a site set up on Highway 62 – 5 km south of South Jordan Lake Road or 4 km north of West road on the west side of the highway. There will be signage.


  • Roads and Hydro Wires

    Many Areas in the Township had severe damage. There are many downed trees and lines.

    While our roads crew have been working diligently to clear the roads there is much work yet to be done.  Logging trucks will be in the area to continue to remove large trees from the area, as well Hydro One will be continuing work to restore power.  There is lots of debris remaining on the roads, and some roads are reduced to one lane.  Please drive with extreme caution and only travel on roads that are necessary for your daily commute.

    Crews have prioritized those roads with school bus routes as well as working around Hydro One crews.

    Please be safe – be aware of fallen or low hanging wires, be patient as services are restored and check on your neighbours and seniors in the community.

  • Provincial Emergency Assistance

    The Township of Tudor and Cashel has reached out to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) to request that they designate the township as an active area eligible for Disaster Relief Assistance for Ontarians (DRAO) due to the extensive damage caused by the recent wind storm on May 21, 2022.

    In order for the MMAH to consider the township an active area they need to see that there is a significant amount of damage to personal property that is not covered by insurance.


    If the MMAH deems the township an active area you must:

    ·        Show proof of identity and address (coverage is for primary residence only and residential tenants)

    ·        Photographs of damage to your property

    ·        Records of hours you spent on emergency cleanup

    ·        Copies of receipts and invoices for all costs incurred

    ·        Estimates from qualified contractors for repairs that are not yet completed

    ·        Letter from insurance company that details the type and cause of damage or loss, the amount that was covered under insurance, and the reason any portion of the damage or loss was not covered

    It is Important to note that homeowners must first submit a claim to their insurance provider and that the DRAO program covers costs to return the property to a basic standard – more information and criteria can be found at https://www.ontario.ca/document/guidelines-apply-disaster-recovery-assistance-ontarians-drao/1-introduction-program-guide


    More information on the program, and how to file a claim, can be found by visiting https://www.ontario.ca/page/apply-disaster-recovery-assistance


    If this is a program that you believe you would qualify for, please email the township at clerk@tudorandcashel.com so that we may pass the information on to MMAH to attempt to have the Township declared an “active” area so that property owners can apply for the funding.  Please limit photos sent with your email to 2 or 3 only so as to not overload our server.