The Roads Department for the Township of Tudor and Cashel is committed to the constant upgrading and continued maintenance of our many roads.  The Office is located at 593 Weslemkoon Lake Road.

The Roads crew are as follows:

  • Glenn Hagerman (Road Superintendent)
  • Rodney Niemen
  • Scott Adams
  • Neil Keller

Entrance Permit Application & 911 Number

  • Entrance Permit Application

    The Township of Tudor and Cashel requires a permit for the construction of an entrance off of any municipal road way.  The proposed area for the entrance needs to be marked.  The Entrance Permit Application will need to be completed, and applicable fees paid.  Return the completed form and fee to the Township of Tudor and Cashel.  The Roads Superintendent will inspect the proposed site and inform the applicant of any concerns.


  • 911 Number

    If you require a 911# for your property you first need to have an approved entrance.  Once you have an approved entrance it needs to be marked or identified so that staff can take the appropriate measurement to establish your new 911#.  The fee for a 911 blade is $50.00 and will be installed by our roads department.

Road Operating Hours

  • Winter Season - Hours Schedule

    The hours of work for our Roads Crew for the winter season are as follows:

    Days Winter Hours
    Monday 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Tuesday 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Wednesday 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Thursday 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Friday 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

    Unless otherwise stated the winter schedule begins in November 15th to April 14th.

    Note:  During the winter all employees of the Roads team are on call every weekend.

  • Summer Season - Hours Schedule

    The hours of work for the Roads Crew for the summer season are as follows:

    Days Summer Hours
    Monday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Tuesday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Wednesday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Thursday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Friday Off

    Unless otherwise stated the summer schedule begins April 15th to November 14th.

Be Ready for Winter Weather

The main objective of the Snow Clearing and Removal program is to provide safe, passable roads so that the public can travel throughout the Municipality in a safe and efficient manner during the winter months. As well, as facilitates the handling of emergencies by fire and police departments and allows safe passage of school busses.

The Township provides winter maintenance to more than 91 km of Township roads.

Helpful Winter Tips

  • Allow the Plow!

    We all want our road cleared of snow quickly, but nothing slows down the work of snow plows more than vehicles parked on the roads and in turn arounds.

  • Proper Snow Removal Techniques

    • Keep your cars off the road during snow clearing;
    • remove snow onto lawns and not on the road when clearing driveways
    • Shoveling snow onto public roadways is prohibited and can lead to more work for the Roads crew.

    DO NOT place snow from your driveway or entrances onto municipal property:

    • It leads to earlier narrowing of roadways, excessive amounts of snow on the roadway, which would have to be removed through snow removal operations. In certain instances people are clearing their driveways completely across the municipal road and into the ditch – In the spring time it could lead to drainage issues.
    • When snow is plowed across the roadways the potential of leaving windrows may cause persons travelling on the roadway blind to the excessive or possible frozen snow that could cause an accident.

    All snow should be shoveled to the sides of the driveway, or onto the resident’s yard in order to prevent any issues.

    Thank You for your cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions for Winter Operations

  • What streets are the first to be plowed/sanded?

    The roads crews are each assigned a designated route. The routes are designed to clear roads in a systematic way that generally gives priority to roads with a bus route. This method also provides the best access for Emergency Services.

  • Why does it sometimes take a long time for my road to be plowed?

    During normal snowfall events, the plow driver will strive to follow his route in the same way every time. This will provide some consistency in the timeframe that the plow completes each road. Some winter events are much more severe than others, leading to exceptionally large quantities of snowfall, drifting, or freezing rain.
    In these conditions, the plow may have to plow and sand the major roads on the route several times before starting the smaller side roads. During periods of freezing rain, the plow may have to apply much more sand than normal, requiring the truck to return to the works yard more often for refilling. Sometimes due to equipment breakdown, manpower shortage or limited availability on weekends it may take longer to clear all roads within the township also.

  • How long does snow clearance usually take?

    Most routes are completed within the quality standard depending on the type of storm. Clearance time maybe longer when snowfalls are heavy, there are complications due to freezing rain, many cars are parked on the street, or crews area clearing snow during peak traffic times. In accordance with Ministry of Labour regulations, drivers cannot work for more than 13 hours without an extended rest period. There are other restrictions limiting the number of consecutive days a driver can work. These regulations were put in place to protect our drivers and other motorists.

  • What happens during a normal snowfall event?

    If a winter storm develops overnight the Roads Supt. will call in the roads crews for a 3 am start and begin plowing and sanding major roads. With this schedule most roads are cleared in time for the morning commute and school bus operations.

  • What happens during non-routine snowfall events?

    A heavy storm that develops quickly in the early morning 1 or 2 hours before the Roads crews arrive at 7:00 am can cause significant accumulations before the roads crews can begin their routes. The municipality has no control over the timing of a winter event therefore occasionally a late start for the plow crew is unavoidable.
    Heavy snowfall, drifting, poor visibility and freezing rain conditions can also impair road clearing operations and cause travel delays. Staff continually monitor weather conditions to ensure public road safety. The Township recognizes that these situations are frustrating to residents and will do everything possible to clear the roads as quickly and safely as possible. Please note that the Township cannot respond to special requests  to clear a particular road at any time. Crews must follow their assigned routes to ensure timely snow removal for the entire Township.

  • Who determines the plowing/sanding schedule?

    Weather conditions determine how quickly the roads can be cleared. Snow clearing schedules change due to winter weather systems and temperature variances. Staff must assess several variables and quality standards to clearing snow when determining schedules. Everyone’s safety is considered.

  • What do I do if my street was missed by the plow?

    Although crews are very conscientious in following route schedules, sometimes streets may be missed due to an oversight. Please contact the administration office 613-474-2583 and crews will be notified and arrangements will be made to have the street cleared as soon as possible.

  • Why do plows push snow into driveways? / Why can’t the operator lift the blade in front of my house?

    Snow must be pushed to the side of the road to clear the road for traffic. The Township understands that this unavoidable situation can be frustrating. Sometimes it is necessary to make several passes with the snowplows during a storm. At other times it will be necessary to push back the banks to allow room for more snow and to provide room for drainage during the thaw. Homes that are located near corners may get more snow in the driveways than homes located on a straight section of road. This too is unavoidable. Lifting the blade of the snowplows in front of a home to reduce the amount of snow going into the driveway is not allowed. The snowplow is put into operation to clear the snow off the road and in order for this to happen the blade must stay in contact with the road surface at all times. Seasonal residents who visit their cottages during the winter months should expect their driveway’s to be impassible unless the driveways have been regularly maintained. Snow that has accumulated over the winter will be hard-packed and icy.

  • My driveway was filled in by the snow plow right after I shovelled it out. What can be done about this?

    It is important to note that our plow operators do not intentionally block driveways. Due to the difficulty of removing large amounts of snow, many people find it easier to clear the snow before it becomes too heavy.

    Often this is before the storm has ended and while snowplowing operations are still underway. Please understand that until roads are completely cleared, it should be anticipated that you might have to clear your driveway several times during and after storm events. Also some snow removal contractors clear driveways before the road is plowed; this is an issue that should be discussed with your contractor.

  • Why is salt and sand used?

    Salt helps keep the ice from forming, because it has a lower freezing temperature. Salt reducing measures are implemented as appropriate. Our goal is to be proactive in the area while recognizing the safety of Municipal roads during slippery conditions.

  • What do I do if a Town plow damages my property?

    First, determine if the damage was caused by the plow, private contractor or the snow load. The Township has no control over snow load and does not reimburse homeowners for that type of damage. Sometimes a plow will damage property. Mailboxes are particularly susceptible to this damage. If your mailbox is hit by the plow, please contact the Municipal Office at 613-474-2583 or by email at The Township is not responsible for damages that occur on Township property. The Township owned area between the road surface and the property line must be kept clear of private items such as fences, posts, ornaments, or certain plantings. The Township does not reimburse property owners for damages to these items.

Contact Us

Glenn Hagerman
Road Superintendent
Address: 371 Weslemkoon Lake Rd, Gilmour, ON K0L 1W0

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