Fallen Trees & Powerlines

Fallen Trees & Powerlines


Significant Weather event Issued in Tudor and Cashel Township

Tudor and Cashel Township has experienced massive amounts of damage to property and infrastructure throughout the entire geographic area.

There are roads that are still blocked by down trees and lines, Our Crews are working to open up roads and regain access for people. The generator at the Municipal Office will run from 8 am to 8 pm  while the hydro in the area remains out. There is open internet and Water available. 911 services are available for those experiencing emergencies.

The Township has declared a Significant Weather Event as per Regulation 239/02 of the Municipal Act which means there may be significant danger to users of the highways in the Municipality. Please avoid travel if possible.

The Township does not know when power will be restored.  Please try to stay away from powerlines and assume that they are live at all times. Do not cut trees that are hung up on any wire.

Due to the extent of the emergency please be prepared for an extended period of time with no power and conserve energy to be safe if you are running a generator.  Madoc and Bancroft gas stations were available for fuel, but be prepared for lineups.

Be safe.



Fallen Trees & Powerlines

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