Committees provide advice and recommendations to Council and are comprised of members of Council, Staff and public volunteers.

Each committee must follow their Terms of Reference approved by Council.

Roads Committee

Waste Management Committee

Councillor – Bob Bridger
Sheryl Scott
Marg Elliott
Mary Fox

Sustainability Committee

Councillor – Bob Bridger
Roy Reeds
Joan Donaldson
Sheryl Scott

Other Committees and Listing of Members

Councillor -Noreen Reilly
Leanne Golan
Barb Sanderson
Debbie Woolley

Councillor – Noreen Reilly
Wanda Donaldson
Ray Donaldson
Jenny Gaines
Dan Markwell

Reeve – Libby Clarke
Brenda Cooney
Glenn Cooney
Chris Gaynor
Linda Lupenette

CHFHT members Centre Hastings Family Health Team

Reeve – Libby Clarke

North Hastings Economic Committee

Reeve – Libby Clarke

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

Deputy Reeve – Ronald Carroll

Quinte (Moira) Conservation Authority

Councillor – Bob Bridger

Bancroft & Area Community Policing Advisory Committee (BACPAC)

Reeve – Libby Clarke

Madoc & Area Community Policing Area Committee (CPAC)

Deputy Reeve – Ron Carroll