Committees provide advice and recommendations to Council and are comprised of members of Council, Staff and public volunteers.

Each committee must follow the procedural bylaw approved by Council.

Public Works Advisory Committee

Public Works Advisory Committee (“PWAC”) was recently formed by combining the former Roads and Waste Management committees. It is an advisory committee of Council with a mandate to provide advice and recommendations to Council on matters that relate to public works such as roads, bridges, equipment, waste management and the environment. The Public Works Advisory Committee will also provide support on other related issues as requested by Council. The PWAC will be chaired by Deputy Mayor Bob Bridger (

The committees role is advisory and does not have decision making authority.

Finance & Planning Advisory Committee

Finance and Planning Advisory Committee (“FPAC”) is a newly created committee that will provide advice and recommendations to Council regarding budgeting, financial reporting, investment, strategic planning and development and asset management. A key role of the FPAC is the growth and sustainability of our community. Councilor Jerry Chadwick will chair this committee (

  • Finance and Planning Advisory Committee Members

    • Councilor Chadwick
    • Patrice Murrant
    • George Hill
    • Flavian Pinto
    • George Addo
  • FPAC Agenda & Minutes

Community & Communication Advisory Committee

Community and Communications Advisory Committee (“CCAC”) is a newly formed committee of Council with a mandate to foster collaborative engagement with all stakeholders; including residents, township staff and Council. The committee will work in an advisory capacity on matters related to Township communication, both internal and external, to cultivate a positive culture of engagement and dialogue with the community establishing criteria by which the success of which may be assessed. The former Recreation and Euchre committees will form sub-committees of the CCAC, which will be chaired by Councilor Elain Holloway (

  • Community & Communications Advisory Committee Members

    • Councilor Holloway
    • Leaanne Golan
    • Arlene VanPoppel
    • Mike Wilton
    • Reg Dryden
    • Florence Addo
  • CCAC Agenda & Minutes

Other Committees and Listing of Members

  • Members of the Library Board

    Councilor -Elain Holloway
    Leanne Golan

    Diane Beaugrande
    Debbie Woolley

    Carol Phillips

  • Members of the Cemetery Board

    Councilor – Elain Holloway
    Noreen Reilly
    Ray Donaldson
    Jenny Gaines
    Dan Markwell

  • Members of the Euchre Committee

    Libby Clarke
    Brenda Cooney
    Glenn Cooney
    Chris Gaynor

  • 6B Ad Hoc Committee

    Committee members

    • Mayor Hederson
    • Councilor Chadwick
    • Garland Burkitt
    • Jeff Knox
    • Pat Schad
    • Dave MacDonald
  • Short Term Rental Ad Hoc Committee

    Committee Members

    • Councilor Taylor
    • Councilor Holloway
    • Frank Burke
    • Bill Ord
    • Jean Simmons
    • Darlene Rich
    • Dave Koch
  • Members of Council on other Committees

    CHFHT members Centre Hastings Family Health Team

    Libby Clarke

    North Hastings Economic Committee

    Councilor Brent Taylor

    Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

    Councilor Jerry Chadwick

    Quinte (Moira) Conservation Authority

    Councilor Brent Taylor

    Bancroft & Area Community Policing Advisory Committee (BACPAC)

    Councilor Brent Taylor

    Madoc & Area Community Policing Area Committee (CPAC)

    Councilor Brent Taylor