Short Term Rental Information

Short Term Rental Information


"What you Need to Know"

We live in a fantastic area where you can enjoy nature, lakes, trails, community events, and more. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves and not be negatively impacted by nuisance or disrespectful behaviour. Here are some things you need to know to be a good neighbour.


Before registering a complaint regarding a By-law or Property Standards matter, it is important to understand the rules surrounding various activities/By-laws:

  • Open Air Burning

    • There is no open air burning during a Burn Ban – notice of a Burn Ban will be posted on the Tudor and Cashel Township website.
    • Fires must be supervised by an adult at all times, attended at all times and water must be available.
    • Fires must be fully extinguished.
    • Smoke cannot disrupt neighbouring properties.
    • No open air burning between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m after April 1 of each year.
    • Where safe to do so, you can only have a fire if the container is located 6 feet (2 m) from any flammable material.
  • Noise

    • Excessive noise disturbs your neighbours, particularly over waterbodies where the noise carries.
    • Noise from loud music, yelling, shouting or pets barking disturbs your neighbours – Be Respectful!
    • Be a good neighbour and remember you can be charged at any time of the day in the event you are creating noise that is disruptive to others.
  • Fireworks

    • Absolutely NO Fireworks during a BURN BAN
    • Fireworks at individual properties can generate unwanted noise, and disturb pets and wild life.
    • Fireworks in built-up areas can be dangerous – why take a risk?
    • There are many public Fireworks displays. Watch these displays. They are free!
  • Pets

    • All pets must be under the care and control of the owners and they cannot roam at large onto other properties.
    • Keep pets on a leash or tether.
    • Stoop and Scoop, your pet’s waste is your responsibility.
  • Speeding/Careless Driving/Parking


    • All parking should occur entirely on your property
    • If you need to park on the road do not block your neighbour’s entrance, if absolutely necessary park on one-side of the road only and make sure the parking is temporary. The road is not a permanent parking solution.
    • Do not block entrances or mailboxes
    • Do not park where No Parking zones are designated.

    Speeding/Careless Driving (emergency)

    • Residents that witness speeding/careless driving that is posing an immediate threat to the public are asked to contact 9-1-1.

    Speeding/Careless Driving (non-emergency)

    • Residents can contact the Police directly to report a non-emergency incident:



    105953 Hwy. 7 Madoc, ON

    Staff Sergeant:

    Scott Underhill


    • 24hrs 1-888-310-1122
    • 24hrs TTY 1-888-310-1133


    (613) 473-5029



    64 Monck St, Bancroft

    Staff Sergeant:

    Jeff MacKinnon


    • 24hrs 1-888-310-1122
    • 24hrs TTY 1-888-310-1133


    (613) 332-5618

  • Property Standards

    Sets out the minimum standards for building and property maintenance within the municipality and is intended to outline the reasonable maintenance and upkeep of yards, buildings and properties.

    • Grass is not to exceed 6 inches (15 cm) in height.
    • Garbage and recycling are to be properly contained in containers to avoid attracting nuisance animals and generating odour etc.
    • The Township has two Municipal depot sites, bag tags are required. Check the Township webpage for more information.

    We recommend you first speak directly with the property owner where you have an issue, in person or by telephone. Most complaints are received verbally this way and resolved promptly.

  • Water Safety

    • Be Water Smart – wear Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) on ALL vessels
    • Watch your wake – generally boats should not exceed speeds of 10km/hour within 30m (100’) of shoreline – to protect against shoreline erosion
    • Driving a boat while impaired is illegal – the same as for motor vehicles.
    • Boating Operator Licenses are required for operation of most craft.
  • Resources - Information Sheets and By-laws

    • Download a copy of the “Who to Call?” information sheet
    • Download a copy of the “Being a good Neighbour” information sheet
    • Tudor and Cashel Township By-laws page

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